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everActive alkalines tested by CLAiO

In December 2019, the everActive Pro Alkaline alkaline batteries were tested against performance by a specialized testing laboratory.

The Central Laboratory of Rechargeable Batteries and Cells in Poznań (CLAiO)
is a specialized scientific unit with many years of experience in the field of chemical power sources. Among the numerous professions of this specialized unit are primary and secondary batteries research and testing.

The laboratory is officially accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA) No. AB 124.

A sample of 16 AA LR6 cells and 16 AAA LR03 cells has been tested.

everActive tested by Intertek

Intertek Semko AB, located in Sweden is an elite laboratory capable of testing batteries and other equipment.

It is one of only four certified bodies in Europe (as of 18.07.2018, source: IECEE) officially authorized to test Ni-MH batteries in accordance with the newest IEC 61951-2:2017 standard.

Intertek Semko AB is an official National Certification Body in Sweden. It is highly reputable and reliable authority.


The tests of everActive Professional Line R6/AA 2600 and R03/AAA 1050 were finished on 17th July 2018.

80 capacity measurements were carried out on 16 samples.

Rechargeable batteries were tested to determine the rated capacity in accordance with IEC 61951-2:2017 / EN 61951-2:2017.


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