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We are "squeezing" our Ni-MH batteries to their limits

everActive Silver Line AA thinner than ever

Our new rechargeable batteries R6 AA Silver Line are becoming even more practical.

They overturn the myth that Ni-MH batteries are always thicker / bulkier than regular primary/alkaline cells. In typical conditions, thicker body does not allow to use the cells in some certain devices...


Common IEC standard regulates the maximum size of all AA / R6 cells - the maximum acceptable diameter is 14.5mm. The problem is that not all devices (some flashlights, toys etc.) will allow to use thickest cells. Most of Ni-MH AA / R6 rechargeable batteries have diameter of 14.3-14.5 mm whereas equivalent primary alkaline batteries will fit in just 14.0-14.2 mm. In extreme cases the difference in diameter between cells can exceed 0.5 mm.


Our new everActive Silver Line AA / R6 Ni-MH batteries have typical thickness of 14.0 mm which equals to primary battery's typical diameter and results in maximum compatibility in all devices.

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