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everActive usb cables and chargers

High quality USB cables and chargers are the next addition to the everActive product portfolio.

SC-100, SC-200 and SC-300 are completely new, high quality power supplies (chargers) with USB outputs.
The range of power supplies is complemented by powerful micro USB connection cables, type C and compatible with the Lighting(tm) standard for devices with an apple.

everActive waterproof FL-300 Plus flashlight

We are introducing a refreshed version of the well-known and popular FL-300 flashlight to our offer.

everActive FL-300+ is the new version of our most popular hand flashlight.The new version is available in black. In comparison to its predecessor, the flashlight uses a more efficient LED and more advanced electronic driver.

everActive new Cobra HL-250 headlight with giftbox

Another product addition to the everActive family.

everActive HL-250 is a very interesting LED headlight that uses unconventional solutions.

The flashlight is equipped with two independent LED sources (including the genuine CREE XP-E2 emitter) and in addition to the traditional switch has a proximity sensor for a true non-contact operation of the flashlight.

everActive new LR14 LR20 Pro Alkaline batteries

New batteries in the everActive product family.

Let us introduce you new batteries from the premium Pro Alkaline line. New sizes of LR14/C, LR20/D just became available.

Batteries are available in consumer packages - blister cards of 2 pcs.

everActive CBC-40 Professional Charger

We are introducing another new product - the flagship model of the popular CBC series of chargers.

everActive CBC-40 is an advanced, automatic inverter charger for automotive batteries, lead-acid, VRLA, SLA, AGM, GEL, etc.

Don't let the small size of the device mislead you. The charger offers exceptional high performance.
The charger has an effective charging current ( stepless regulation) from 5 to 40A for both 12V and 24V batteries. In addition, it supports starting-aid up to 300A.

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