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New everActive tests and charts

everActive stands for innovative power products.

When we introduce new chargers to our offer, which were not availalbe on the market before, we are sometimes facing statements that it is an unknown product, about which no one has ever written, where it is not certain how it actually works. There are questions about the implemented charging algorithms, similarity to other competition's chargers, etc.

Massively offered cheap chargers from the Far East may have serious design flaws, and their true operation is often intentionally concealed. The consequences of using unsafe chargers can sometimes be very serious.

We understand all the concerns of our potential customers. In everActive we take these concerns very seriously and honestly.

We guarantee certain parameters or the way our devices work - thousands of users of everActive batteries, rechargeables, chargers and flashlights have already found out about this no-compromise approach to introducing new products - now we are actively making additional efforts to convince you, our dear reader, to our brand as well.

New everActive UC-100 charger

everActive UC-100 is a new addition in our product family.


The new charger continues our vision of bringing advanced, exceptional battery chargers to the market.


The UC-100 has excellent compatibility with many types of batteries - including the popular 1.2V Ni-MH, 3.6/3.7V Li-ion as well as the rare 3.8/3.85V Li-ion and 3.2/3.3V LiFePO4 cells.


The Power Bank function turns any lithium cell into a mobile power source for charging portable devices.



everActive power banks EB-10k EB-20k

For all those who cannot part with their gadgets on vacation we present another novelty - USB mobile chargers so called Power Banks with capacities of 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh.

Energy Bank EB-10k and EB-20k are very capacious energy banks equipped with efficient and durable lithium-polymer cells. EverActive devices offer excellent electrical parameters. It is possible to quickly charge up to 2 devices at the same time.

everActive usb cables and chargers

High quality USB cables and chargers are the next addition to the everActive product portfolio.

SC-100, SC-200 and SC-300 are completely new, high quality power supplies (chargers) with USB outputs.
The range of power supplies is complemented by powerful micro USB connection cables, type C and compatible with the Lighting(tm) standard for devices with an apple.

everActive waterproof FL-300 Plus flashlight

We are introducing a refreshed version of the well-known and popular FL-300 flashlight to our offer.

everActive FL-300+ is the new version of our most popular hand flashlight.The new version is available in black. In comparison to its predecessor, the flashlight uses a more efficient LED and more advanced electronic driver.

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