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everActive products are gaining popularity – the number of stores offering their products is gradually increasing. We are pleased to announce that the products have been appreciated by reputable and valued companies.
Recently, Komputronik S.A. added the everActive NC-1000 charger to their offer.
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The number of everActive products is constantly expanding - a new line of rechargeable batteries has been added: the Silver Line. The Silver Line is available alongside with the Professional Line.

The Silver Line rechargeable batteries are available in:
- R6/AA, a capacity of 2000 mAh (min. 1900 mAh)
- R03/AAA, a capacity of 800 mAh (min. 700 mAh)
- R14/C, a capacity of mAh (min. 3000 mAh)
- R20/D, a capacity of mAh (min. 5000 mAh)

More information on rechargeable batteries you will in the “Rechargeable Batteries” tab.
Also a new battery was added to the Professional Line – a 9V battery with a capacity of 320 mAh (min. 300 mAh).

everactive - wielki szlak himalajski 2015
We are pleased to announce that the everActive products will go on the extreme trip – they will traverse trails in faraway Nepal. The organizers of the expedition named the Great Himalayan Trail, which starts in August 2015 will take with them a few sets of batteries, which will be exposed to the extremely low temperatures and extremely difficult operating conditions. For the travelers the charger NC-1000 will be useful.

The highest quality products everActive will certainly help in achieving the success of the expedition – good luck!

The expedition is organized by Joanna Lipowczan & Bartosz Malinowski
More about the project:
Page: www.wielkiszlakhimalajski.pl
Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/wielkiszlakhimalajski
The everActive charger NC-1000 was used by the team from PC WORLD.PL to test the most popular AA rechargeable N-MH batteries on the Polish Market. In the test they used the most popular batteries from many different reputable manufacturers, such as: Panasonic Eneloop, Fujitsu, Varta Ready2Use and others. The article was released on January 29th 2015.

everActive NC-1000 was one of the two chargers used (along with the PowerEx MH-C9000) by the team from PC WORLD.PL. This model was used to „break-in” the batteries as well as measure their capacity.

In the final part of the article the NC-1000 charger was deemed recommendable that is not only functional but also available for an affordable price.

As of January 20th 2015 “everActive” was officially registered as a trademark, protected by the powers of law on the territory of the European Union.
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