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everActive alkalines tested by CLAiO

In December 2019, the everActive Pro Alkaline alkaline batteries were tested against performance by a specialized testing laboratory.

The Central Laboratory of Rechargeable Batteries and Cells in Poznań (CLAiO)
is a specialized scientific unit with many years of experience in the field of chemical power sources. Among the numerous professions of this specialized unit are primary and secondary batteries research and testing.

The laboratory is officially accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA) No. AB 124.

A sample of 16 AA LR6 cells and 16 AAA LR03 cells has been tested.


Targi Energetab

Recently, we had the pleasure to exhibit at the XXXII Energetab Trade Fairs in Bielsko-Biała - Poland's largest trade fair for modern equipment, devices and technologies for the power industry, is a place of one of the most important meetings of leading representatives of the electrical engineering industry in Poland.

Almost 724 exhibitors, not only from Poland, but also from 24 countries of Europe, Asia and the USA, presented their products at the fair.
The fair area covered over 35,000 m2 of exhibition space, both in the multifunctional hall, as well as in tent pavilions and open areas, where the exhibitors had the opportunity to exhibit large-size and heavy exhibits.


everActive Targi Film Video Foto

The XXII edition of the Film Video Foto Fair in Łódź is behind us - one of the biggest events in the industry in our part of Europe, organized by the International Fair in Łódź. Now is the time for a short summary of this event. We would like to thank many visitors for their interest in our products.


The FVF fair in Łódź is an ideal place to present technological innovations from the photographic and multimedia industry. Visitors could not only see the products they were interested in, but also purchase them at attractive prices.

everActive tested by Intertek

Intertek Semko AB, located in Sweden is an elite laboratory capable of testing batteries and other equipment.

It is one of only four certified bodies in Europe (as of 18.07.2018, source: IECEE) officially authorized to test Ni-MH batteries in accordance with the newest IEC 61951-2:2017 standard.

Intertek Semko AB is an official National Certification Body in Sweden. It is highly reputable and reliable authority.


The tests of everActive Professional Line R6/AA 2600 and R03/AAA 1050 were finished on 17th July 2018.

80 capacity measurements were carried out on 16 samples.

Rechargeable batteries were tested to determine the rated capacity in accordance with IEC 61951-2:2017 / EN 61951-2:2017.


PC World 06/2018 front

In the Polish edition of PCWorld magazine - June issue (06/2018), you can find comprehensive test and review of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in AAA/R03 size.

In total, fifteen types and models were evaluated including most popular brands and best selling items from Allegro (biggest online selling platform in Poland).

Our rechargeable batteries everActive Silver Line 800 and Professional Line 1050 were included.

Moreover, our most advanced Ni-MH charger, model NC-3000 was used as a part of test procedure. This charger got very positive ratings during previous tests carried by PCWorld's lab.

The brief review can be found online (Polish website):


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