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NC-109, NC-1200, NC-1600 - exciting news from everActive

nc-109, nc-1200, nc-1600At the beginning of December 2015 everActive introduces three new models of chargers:








These chargers fill the gaps on the specialist chargers market and are consistent with the high standards set by everActive.



NC-1600 – is a fast microprocessor controlled charger designed for up to 16 pieces of AAA(R03)/AA(R6) rechargeable batteries. An on demand refresh function ensures a long life of the battery.



NC-1200 – is the same charger as the NC-1600 but it is designed for up to 12 pieces of AAA(R03)/AA(R6) rechargeable batteries.

Both the NC-1600 and the NC-1200 chargers come with a car adapter.



NC-109 is an innovative and a very compact charger for 9V Ni-MH batteries. It is a microprocessor controlled charger and it will automatically charge up to 4 pieces of batteries in just 2-4h while maintaining the highest standards of safety. A huge advantage of this charger is that it will charge 7.2V, 8,4V cells as well as the rare 9,6V cells.

A car adapter is available as an option – sold separately.
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