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everActive NC-3000
...pretty much an ideal professional charger...

NC-3000The newest everActive product is a professional charger designed for Ni-MH batteries called NC-3000.

The NC-3000 charger is an improved version of the predecessor NC-1000.

At first glance you can see clear differences in design. NC-3000 is a lot bulkier, in order to maintain proper air circulation, which in turn means the batteries will be kept cool even at high charging currents. For maximum reliability more heat sensors have been added.

Also another mode has been added allowing to measure the internal resistance of a battery – an inestimable trait for a professional photographer that uses  high power flash units.

A unique feature of this charger is that it can charge C (R14) and D (R20) batteries. (Requires a special adapter, sold separately).

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