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everActive NC-1000 PLUS
a flagship model in a new version

Everactive nc 1000 Plus z akumulatorami

The very popular everActive NC-1000 becomes even better!


EverActive NC-1000 is without a doubt one of the best professional chargers on the Polish market.

The advantages of this brilliant charger have been appreciated by many users as well as specialists of the trade including newspapers and professional photo labs.

Despite the current advantage over its rivals the NC-1000 is constantly being modified and improved. NC-1000 Plus is a new version of the popular NC-1000 charger.


In the new version we have made some significant improvements:


  • altered the discharging process – now, similarly to the more expensive everActive NC-3000 as well as MH-C9000, you can discharge any battery to check its capacity – even alkaline batteries;
  • changed the default charging current to 500 mA – a more optimal current for most rechargeable batteries on the market. The user will still be able to choose 200, 700 and 1000 mA;
  • improved the charging process for LSD batteries (low self-discharge);
  • optimized the charging process for worn out batteries, and batteries with a high internal resistance in order to obtain the best charging results.


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